Artispreneur Spotlight | Bone$ the Spitta


In this Artispreneur Spotlight, we highlight Bone$ the Spitta, a Brooklyn born, Caribbean rapper splitting time between New York and California.


Bone$ The Spitta was born in Brooklyn New York. As a child he was sent to be raised by his grandmother, on the Island of Barbados.  After wreaking havoc on the Island, Bone$ went back to the DVRK VND3RWORLD of New York City where he began his music career.

In early 2013, At age 16, Bone$ the Spitta released the video for his first single “Alien” .  He then went on a United States tour with Swayze, Cam Meekins, and Jitta on the Track and others, and followed up with the release of his video for “Young Gods”  later that year.

In 2014 he continued his career with the release of a Trippy and Dark visual for the track “Nocturnal”. Since “Nocturnal” Bone$ the Spitta has been putting together his debut Album, while also dropping tracks including his new single “Chill14” and the, high energy, single “Bloodclot”.  Bone$ the Spitta has also performed with the likes of Travis Scott, Fredo Santana, ASAP Ant, and others.  He has performed worldwide from New York to Taiwan, and more Bone$ the Spitta visuals are slated to drop leading up to his Debut Album release in 2016 as well as a tour in Asia and Europe to close out the year.


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