The Artispreneur Podcast | One Public NYC | Artist Collective

In this episode of the Artispreneur Podcast we speak with the cofounders of ONEpublic, a NYC-based collective focused on the development and success of New York’s growing community of independent musicians.



Through interviews, events, and technology, OnePublic provides a platform that fosters opportunities for artists of all skill levels to connect, collaborate, and create. Our mission is to build a community which celebrates the journey of independent artists and provides the next generation of creators with fair and equal access to the resources they need to create.

Tyler Newton, CEO

Tyler Tremell Newton is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ONEpublic. From an early age Tyler was in the company of community activist Sonny Carson and Spike Lee. Having these interactions at such an early age laid the foundation for Tyler’s deep appreciation and love of New York. As he grew into a young adult he became very conscious of the artistic needs of youth and the role that music plays in the development of culture. This sparked a movement that would first come into fruition during the Spring of his sophomore year at St. John’s University. With the help of his friends he created ONEpublic, a collective of young entrepreneurs and creatives focused on creating a space for NYC’s indie artists to connect, collaborate, and create. You can follow him on IG @ceotremell

Anthony Woods, COO

Anthony Woods II is the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of ONEpublic. Born in Brooklyn, New York, his “head down” philosophy focuses our collective on the operational details for success. He is responsible for fully vetting business opportunities and helping lead the execution of strategies developed by the ONEpublic team. In relation to his passion for music and writing, he has performed at several venues including the Bowery, Nuyorican Poets Café, and The Brooklyn Conservatory of Music. He is currently completing his freshmen poetry novel titled “Just Like Life Is”. You can follow him on IG @antwoodsii.

Tony “Yaw” Dupree, CCO

Tony “Yaw” Dupree is the Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of ONEpublic. His education at St. John’s University prepared him for his experiences in Business & Music Entertainment. Tony’s work experience after graduation as a Studio Assistant at Crosby Collective Studios and Record Label Intern for Future Fires Entertainment has provided ONEpublic with the valuable resource of in house audio production and insight into matching artist with the right collaborators. Tony has a strong determination to uplift those around him, always seeking mutually beneficial and creative outcomes for the indie artists. You can follow him on IG @yawbravado


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